Governance Phase 2
BitDAO affiliated R&D centers are working on building a custom governance module for Phase 2. The objective is to enhance the power of BIT token holders, and support BitDAO future products and functionality.
We welcome the community feedback as we design the new governance module, especially in relation to tradeoffs: eg. gas fees, governance process efficiency, onchain / off-chain, security, user participation, etc.
We hope our governance innovations can also be used by the crypto community and future DAOs.
Key Requirements
    Upgradable (probably relying on proxy contract, and proxy patterns)
    Onchain proposal and voting
    Control BitDAO governance parameters (vote weight strategy, proposal threshold, voting threshold, vote duration)
    Control future BitDAO product parameters (fees, thresholds, etc.)
    Can be easily modified and utilized by other DAOs
Nice to Have
    Delegate-to-many (instead of delegate-to-one)
    Can vote without delegating
    Delegate for X number of blocks (time lock)
    Separate delegation for proposal and voting
    Templates for common payloads (i.e. executable code for token swaps, grants, etc.)
To be Considered
    No multi-sig backup or override
Last modified 3mo ago
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