Delegated Voters


A major BIT token holder (Bybit) aims to delegate voting power to various Entities, Labs, Ventures, and Growth Teams. These delegates are expected to:
  • Propose partnerships (swaps, grants, BIT use-cases)
  • Propose creation of new initiatives
  • Build and propose new tools and products for BitDAO
  • Maintain high standards for proposals (must have clear benefits for BitDAO and partner projects, and be executable with terms thoroughly negotiated and defined)
  • Inspire others to join the BitDAO mission
  • Have skin in the game
Delegations may be added, removed, or adjusted based on activity and community feedback.
Note that Delegation of Votes is permissionless. We encourage BIT token holders to identify delegates to support with voting weight.

Current Known Delegated Voters

BitDAO Initiatives

Game7 https://game7.io/ 0x4E0189610Ae7a2D508374edbFF728cB1013C5615


Coordinator 0x75C53632FB3ed2D97f4427DF9b14e844Ce9B6520 Product 0x8c1B9DF70E6cf13F8387dC2870afB3C7091F3ad5 Engineering 0xf23d8514b671262Ac91A9f46B97901fA8833aB73 Ecosystem 0x7875923047C6043F98BdEb17f237F941c6e9FDEF Research TBD

Core Labs

Windranger Labs https://windranger.io/ 0x09da12f0977eD3534124a4f593D9C1a243beA598


Apex Protocol https://www.apex.exchange/ 0x7E2f1cF2174788E3dbA18A3633cD33BBa047B38d


Dragonfly Capital https://www.dcp.capital/ 0x4a8B77019176401BA65446Cb9865A64bD2E4bC67
Pantera Capital https://panteracapital.com/ 0x5BC928BF0DAb1e4A2ddd9e347b0F22e88026D76c
Spartan Group https://www.spartangroup.io/ 0x2573010A8183A7E8bB4AD744b44cf6feB3284e8E
Mirana Ventures https://mirana.xyz/ 0x03BA846444AAb999F1536bdFA3241fD900E4A84f


Bybit https://www.bybit.com 0x853eDd954dD508117cb957918378c976ac390D8E