Items in the Pipeline
Several teams have been privately incentivized to contribute to the development of BitDAO products and partnerships. These teams have not yet taken funding directly from BitDAO so they will retain full autonomy. Product and partnership proposals will be submitted for BIT voter approval.
We welcome more teams to propose to build for BitDAO and request funding or milestone rewards. BitDAO looks to connect with builders. We highly encourage builders to create independent products, or open source products that can be used by the whole crypto community including BitDAO.
If you need support to flesh out ideas and proposals, please introduce yourself in the BitDAO forum and one of the labs, venture, growth teams, or autonomous entities may reach out to provide support.
Below are some items existing teams are working on:

1. Core Products

BitDAO Onchain Governance - To allow proposals to be actioned without operators. Likely to be battle-tested with a portion of the current BitDAO Treasury.
BitDAO Risk Management - To incentivize experimental ideas while managing economic risks to BitDAO, especially for partnering with Autonomous Entities. Likely solutions include bonding and insurance mechanisms.
Governance Suite - A public repository of solutions, policies, best practices and references around governance and treasury management. This can be referenced by future DAOs and autonomous entities for fast creation.
Rebranding of
Treasury Management and Corporate Credit Product
Scaling solution for BitDAO and Autonomous Entities - BitDAO and partnered autonomous entities may encounter scaling issues in the near future, especially with linked-governance or linked-treasuries. If these issues cannot be solved on Ethereum Layer 1, we may look to adopt or build a Layer 2, sidechain, Ethereum Shard, etc. We will look to co-develop for a real use case and pain points, and work with other DAOs to ensure the solution will be broadly adopted.
Scaling solution for swaps - We want to enable many early-stage projects to receive funding and build a connection with BitDAO. There could be hundreds of partnership proposals and it is not scalable to process these through the top-level BitDAO governance process. The scaling solution will likely involve: 1) Fast due diligence or whitelisting process; 2) Onchain governance and treasury execution; 3) Launchpad mechanics.

2. Specialized Autonomous Entities

Autonomous Entities will allow BitDAO to quickly execute on ideas and leverage the most qualified teams and decision makers without bottlenecking the BitDAO governance process (hence "autonomous" from BitDAO). Proposals are currently being negotiated for the following autonomous entities.
  • Gaming
  • ZK Ecosystem
  • Art guilds
  • Farming and liquidity cooperatives
  • R&D
  • Events
  • Education
  • Social spaces
Proposal guidelines of autonomous entities can be found here.

3. Partnerships with existing projects

Current conversations include:
  • DeFi 2.0 Frogs
  • DAO tools
  • Loot ecosystem related
Proposal guidelines for direct swaps or grants can be found here.
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